Team Information

Ntaba Phili is Managing Director: NAPD Holdings (Pty) Ltd. a wholly black-owned property development and investment holding company that  invests, develops  and  manages  premier  business properties.

He holds a Master of Business Leadership from UNISA and a Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town. He also holds a Certificate in Property Investment and Practice from the Wits School of Economics and completed the Property Development Programme (PDP)  at  the  UCT  Graduate  School  of  Business  in  2010

Ntaba entered the property industry after spending ten years in the corporate environment, working as an executive in a variety of disciplines including sales, marketing, customer services, business development, and policy and customer relationship management. Ntaba’s entrepreneurial spirit drove the decision to start his own company. After a lengthy period of research and planning, he took what had until that point been a personal passion – space planning, interior design and project management – and turned it into a business, founding NAP Designs in 2002.

Since the formation of NAP Designs, the group has continued to evolve in the property sector. Building on the success of the flagship operation, Ntaba formed NAPD Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a wholly black-owned property investment and development company that contains NAP Designs (Pty) Ltd, NAP Developments (Pty) Ltd. and NAP Investments (Pty) Ltd. that focus on property investment and development, as well as strategic investments in established businesses where the group is able to add real value, respectively.

Born on 8th August 1970, Ntaba grew up in the township of Clermont in Pinetown and matriculated at St Francis’ College, Mariannhill in Kwa- Zulu Natal. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, his move into business has seen him face an unquenchable thirst to run his own business by taking NAPD Holdings into its current position.

Ntaba’s aim is for NAPD Holdings to become a leading, diversified investment holding company as well as a major player in the property investment and development market by expanding the group’s property services through strategic acquisitions and collaborative partnerships with established players in the market. The move into property furthers the NAPD Holdings group vision to capture more of the South African property market.

Ntaba has a keen interest in the application of business strategy in the development and growth of businesses as well as creating corporate/ client value-add. Having come from a corporate background, he understands the needs of such clients. “The needs of corporate South Africa are changing. Not everybody wants to be tied down to a five year lease. People are looking for innovative property solutions.”

Through his passion for customer service, and utilising his entrepreneurial flair and visionary leadership style, Ntaba aims to provide just such solutions.

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